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About us

The fluorescent tube was invented by Mr George Claude in 1912, who created the predecessor of our company in France the same year. The Hungarian subsidiary, founded in 1992, became known as Claude Publicite Ltd by the Hungarian outdoor media market and the clients. Later the Hungarian company was acquired by the French media giant JCDecaux group of companies, changing our name to JCDecaux Neonlight Ltd.  In addition to our 98 years of history, our solid professional background was also ensured by the owners consisting of the most significant players of the international and the domestic outdoor media market.

Eventually Affichage Holding, a Switzerland-based public company and the Nr. 1 player of the Swiss outdoor media market became the majority shareholder of the international company. With its over 900 employees Affichage Holding was present in an additional nine European countries, making it one of the ten largest outdoor media companies of the world; the company remains a major player of the international outdoor media market even today. The name of our company was changed to the familiar Neonlight Ltd the same year.

Affichage Holding decided on divesting its interests in the Eastern European outdoor media in 2010. As one of the last steps of this process, Neonlight was sold to the Hungarian management already running the company for nearly a decade, thus reinforcing existing and future clients about the persistence of the high quality and level of service they had been accustomed to in the previous 19 years.

Due to our almost 100 years of international and over 19 years of domestic experience, Neonlight Ltd is regarded as a dominant player in the neonlight segment of the domestic outdoor advertising market.

We provide our clients with the strict quality standards of our equipment meeting international expectations and the best advertising surfaces conceivable in terms of location. And we offer even more: We don't simply lease locations and manufacture neonlights; instead, through our complex services we save our clients the trouble of the permission, construction and operating procedures related to neonlight advertisements.

Our aim is to offer complex services through our high quality equipment operating at our excellent sites, resulting in the complete satisfaction of our clients.